1909 Harrison Avenue NW, Olympia, Washington 98502

hello@theparksidecafe.com • 360-352-8344

Our Story

Situated in a Victorian-era styled building in West Olympia, The Park Side Café provides a fresh take on plant-based foods. Our mission is to nourish and foster the community with organic and locally sourced cuisine. We are here to help you eat and drink well and we’re focused on building trust and experiences with our customers and vendors. We are here to make a big impact!

We are dedicated to expanding awareness of the connections between people and everything around us. We are a compassionate café and deli where community, planet, animals, and you, mean the world to us! We will serve only the best of what we have to offer. For us that means providing you with food that is created with intention.

The food sourced by the café is organic, local and seasonal as much as possible. We buy our seasonal produce from regional, organic farmers in order to support our local economy and produce less pollutants. We provide convenient and satisfying everyday fare that will get you back on-the-go and filled with nutrient dense super foods with a compassionate core.

Our coffee offerings are locally roasted by Covabrelli Coffee, and is organic, and fair trade. Staff is passionate about creating exquisite food and beverages and providing a unique and gratifying experience. We are your go-to place if you are looking for quality food paired with fresh coffee and intention.

Order online using the link above to utilize curbside pickup or delivery. You can also order inside at the cafe and enjoy your meal in our dining area, on the roof-top or outside in the courtyard!

Our Mission

To nourish and foster the community with organic and locally sourced cuisine.



To provide 100% organic food at our establishment.


To make healthy dishes that meet a variety of dietary needs.


To create comforting meals that you’ll want again and again.


To provide outstanding service to all who enter our doors.


To hold a space that welcomes and encourages diversity.


To give to animal sanctuaries and farmworker justice groups.


To daily be as close to zero waste as possible.


To be an accessible space for everyone in the community.